Value for money

You most probably live in Manila and, you most likely have commuted in our great metropolis; so you understand the challenges of the traffic!

At RITE we have managed our team of Drivers to be ready across most major intersections in Manila; and this enables us to get to you as fast as the traffic allows. Our coverage is across most of the 17 Major cities and covers over 500Sq Km of Metro Manila. These demographics mean we have to work smart and efficiently.

To provide the coverage on the SAME DAY we can not charge 2 or 3 day rates. We do not the network of facilities and vehicles and delivery next or the third day. We just go from point A to Point B. Mostly in two to four hours.

We trust that a dedicated, point to point service, with standard, owned and serviced equipment with a secure and safe delivery carriage is what you need for your more valuable and critical shipments. Our charges provide for a guaranteed same day delivery from you to your colleagues and friends, personally handled the RITE way.

We know you will value our service, albeit, to enable your business expansion, to move critical documents or just want peace of mind when ordering high value goods; once you have experienced the best service in Manila, you will come back to RITE for more.

Most adhoc clients pay cash for their delivery, hand over the payment at collection or delivery, just tell what you like.

Payment on credit – available for regular clients & distribution partners

‘Honesty is the best policy’

We make working with us simple. We work hard to provide a great service, which you will come to trust. In return, we trust our customers to trade with us honestly. Our first approach is to register customers, so that we can capture precise pick up locations and if required precise drop off locations. We use a traditional trading principal, you pay after we have completed the service. We offer 15 day payment terms, so this helps you manage your cash flow better. To do this we will work with you on the RITE credit terms and these will be modified as our partnership develops.