To provide a high quality of service to our customers, we set the guaranteed delivery times based on the booking time, delivery time and number of zones required for the pickup and delivery to be completed.

These commitments are detailed in our service Matrix. We have three service times that reflect the normal business and leisure times that most of us live to.


BOOKING - Between

7am - 9am7am - 1pm7am - 4pm

PICK-UP - Between

8am - 11am11am - 3pm3pm - 7pm

DROP-OFF - Between

10am - 1pm2pm - 7pm6pm - 10pm
Pick up to Drop OffShort Time243
Long Time587
CoverZonesAcross 3Across 4Across 5



Morning and Lunch Service

We have planned that morning deliveries usually fit with commitments for your same day trading, so we do our best to execute the deliveries before Lunch, if you are ready, we can pick up by 8am. If you are a home/office shopper, you might have ordered from your favorite eCommerce stores on the way to work and need the delivery during your lunch break.

Afternoon and Tea

Maybe your business operates a next day service level, where you promised a delivery to your clients by close of the next business day. Or you ordered from the online store, that you need for the evening; we can deliver during your tea break after work. (If you do offer next day, now you can promise next morning by using the Morning service, at no extra cost).

Evening and Dinner

If you business operates at night, we can service you up to 10pm. We created this service for home shoppers or entrepreneurs; the people who are looking to maximize peoples spare time. You can book deliveries for dop-off at the coffee shop or restaurants. For delivery at home, we need to ensure you will be there. We are also concerned for our Riders safety and the safety of your goods, so there are some locations we will not deliver to after dark. We can work with you when we set up the account to manage these cut off times.

There is a surcharge of 33% for the Evening & Dinner service, which is a timed and guaranteed delivery to give you the best service there is in Metro Manila.