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Do you handle COD?

RITE considers the collection of your cash from your client when making a delivery or pickup, as a service that costs no additional effort.  We do however charge for the remittance.  We will provide a statement of account, administer the accounting centrally and then hold your cash for as long as you need.  The fee covers these costs and any bank costs.  Contact customer service for more information.

If you damage my parcel, are you liable?

It is important that you pack your items well, for a delivery on a motorcycle through heavy traffic.Sometimes the packaging will become ripped or slightly dented, this is normal when many items are in our secured box. Please raise your concern when our driver delivers the package and if required, open the item in front of them. They will take a photo of you doing this and the condition of the goods inside. If we are liable and caused the damage to the contents we will reimburse you according to our terms and conditions.

How do I complain and get a quick response?

The management works hard to deliver our services with the highest quality. Hence, we would like to extend our apologies, if you experienced a service that warrants a complaint. You may call our customer service team on +63917-878-7125 or +63998-563-2406 and they will respond as soon as possible. In case the team is still reviewing other concerns and is not able to answer your call, you may leave a text message and they will call you as soon as they are available. The management will monitor and ensure that all complaints are addressed properly and we will make further reviews to make preventive actions and ensure the same problem will not be experienced by any of our customers. Management will follow up every complaint and work with the team on preventative actions.

I ordered a delivery, but now I have to cancel it, how do I do that?

It is best to call our customer service team immediately on +63917-878-7125 or +63998-563-2406 and they will respond to you as soon as possible. We know that you understand our schedules and commitments and that there are consequences in cancelling orders (Please see our terms and conditions). However, since we value our customers and understand that sometimes events occur that result to immediate changes in an already decided plan, we will work with you to reduce the implications for your requested cancellation.

I will not be at home when I said (or the named recipient will not be home), should I tell you that someone else will receive my consignment?

Absolutely, you must. Our drivers will not hand over the package to anyone other than the named recipient. Call customer service and let them know the change in recipient.We measure successful deliveries, so we hate failed ones, please help us to help you. Please refer to our T&C’s for details on failed deliveries.

Can you deliver at exact times?

We aspire to deliver the goods within 10 minutes of our committed times, however as you can appreciate that given the challenges in Metro Manila, ‘timed delivery’ is a service that we can only do our best with, no guarantees.When you book state the time you would like delivery and we will do our best to comply.Please refer to our service commitments to see the list of things that we guarantee.

Why do you have a limit on the Package size?

We use hard boxes, with secure hinges and locks, this is to provide the best handling methods. These boxes are limited in volume. Our drivers are used to carrying all sizes of packages in their previous companies. However, at RITE, we believe this is not sustainable and definitely NOT SAFE. Weight is a concern, for the same reasons, mostly safety, the boxes are always over the back wheel, and too much weight will tip the balance of the bike.

What is volumetric weight?

The large companies use this method to maximize their profitability. At RITE we have to consider the volume because of the restriction on the hard boxes that we use for secure delivery. The factor is a variable in calculating the weight. At RITE we use 4,500 while other companies’ use 3,500. The lower the number, the higher the calculated weight. We use the metric system in computing the volumetric weight, so multiply the length by width and by height and divide the sum by the factor (in our case, the factor is 4500), this will give you the volumetric weight in Kilograms.

Why is there a surcharge on the evening & Dinner service?

Our riders will work over time and they also get a peace rate per delivery on this service. Our riders get at least 75% of the surcharge so, we pass most of the extra cost you pay, to them.

How do I pay?

We work on the traditional basis of credit, billing and trust. When you set up your account, we will work with you to set up a credit limit. When you trade with us, your credit is used. To support our cash flow, we invoice every 2 weeks on a Monday. We ask that you settle the invoice by the Wednesday. Settle through bank transfer, or if you use over the counters services, to the named account on the billing statement. You will get an OR from our Makati office, at 6750 Ayala Avenue.

Can I pay by credit card?

We are currently looking into credit card payments, but this tends to increase the number of transactions and there is a cost to bear. We will send you notice, once we have finished reviewing this payment method.

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