About Rite Courier

Welcome to Rite Courier. We are a high quality and affordable same day courier service within Metro Manila. View our prices and coverage areas.

We provide a full service including pickup and delivery of your package within the hour options, secure delivery boxes and cash on delivery.

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Same Day Delivery

Not only do we provide a same day delivery guarantee, but we also provide set times for deliveries based upon your order time.

Morning: Order by 9am, pickup and delivery by 1pm
Afternoon: Order by 3pm, pickup and delivery by 7pm
Evening: Order by 4pm, pickup and delivery by 10pm
Sunday deliveries require order to be booked before 1pm on Saturday, overtime charges apply.


All deliveries are stored within a secure, weatherproof and locked box.

Security is paramount to us and our customers.

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Cash on Delivery Homepage

Cash on Delivery

We provide a full Cash On Delivery service for all our clients. Our staff will collect the payment from your customers and we will deposit into your account by the next business day.

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Did you know?

30% of millennials say that same-day delivery is important when making an online purchasing decision